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Tailored charging solutions for your unique needs, from homes to large fleets.

The world of EV charging can be confusing, but your needs are simple.

Advanced electronics for smart power management, robust cables for efficient delivery, user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation, secure connections for transaction safety, and comprehensive software for universal EV compatibility.

Trust Chargermate to keep you charged and going.

We work with fleets and businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


Enhance your home with the modern amenity of an EV charging station, increasing its value and appeal while embracing eco-friendly living. Our solutions are tailored to fit your lifestyle, offering energy-efficient charging that optimizes electricity usage and minimizes costs.


Enhance your operational efficiency with optimized charging schedules, ensuring your vehicles are always charged, ready, and on the move. Benefit from increased uptime and reduced delays, keeping your service reliable and your costs predictable.


Elevate your property’s appeal and increase its market value by offering EV charging—a sought-after amenity that not only boosts your earnings through additional revenue streams but also attracts eco-conscious renters looking for modern conveniences.

Retail & Commercial

Transform your location into a destination with EV charging stations, drawing in more visitors and encouraging longer stays. Experience a boost in foot traffic and customer loyalty as you cater to the growing number of EV drivers seeking convenient charging spots.

EV Service Providers

Prioritize customer satisfaction with a focus on minimizing charging station downtimes. Offer reliable, customer-first charging solutions that reduce breakdowns and enhance user experience, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat business. Fewer Breakdowns – More Smiles

EV Charging Equipment Manufacturers

Give your products the edge with no extra effort. We train our techs in your processes, ensuring top-quality repairs and maintenance. Your benefit? Qualified service, happy customers, and a stronger brand, all at no added cost to you.

L2 Charging - Residential

Service only includes hardware installation through our partner network

L2 Charging - Business

All services provided

L3 DC Fast charging - Business

All services provided


Ready to Power Up Your EV Experience?

Enhance your EV chargers with ChargerMate’s trusted and efficient repair services. Never miss a charge again – start your journey towards reliability and peace of mind today!

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