Your Guide to ComEd’s Commercial EV Charger Make-Ready Rebate

Explore how ComED’s Make-Ready program is connecting commercial EV chargers to the grid in Northern Illinois. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Chicagoland drivers. According to the state government, Illinois just surpassed 100,000 electric vehicle registrations in the spring of 2024 — a significant milestone for Governor Pritzker’s plan to get Illinois to one million EVs on the road by 2030.  

More EVs means more drivers will be on the lookout for businesses or offices equipped with EV chargers.  With these chargers, businesses can attract customers, increase foot traffic, and add extra amenities for patrons and employees alike.  

But EV charger installation can be a major capital investment and a challenging infrastructure project to navigate. Luckily, Chargermate’s turnkey solution supports selecting the hardware manufacturer, finding the right software provider, and operating and maintaining the equipment. ComEd’s Make-Ready Rebate program helps cover the cost of connecting the chargers to the grid.  

Understanding the Make-Ready Program 

The goal of ComEd’s Make-Ready is to prepare Northern Illinois for an EV-laden future. To do this, the electricity grid’s infrastructure needs to be modernized to support a transportation sector that runs off electricity.  ComEd has set aside $30m in 2024 to catalyze the buildout of a regional public EV charging stations.  

ComEd will cover up to $5,333 (or $8,000 in designated environmental justice areas) of labor and parts associated with Level 2 EV charger installation, as long as the applicant is a ComEd customer.  What does that mean for you? ComEd will cover all labor and materials to except for the pedestal that the charger sits on and the charger.  

Currently, ComEd reimburses customers after project completion, meaning the charger must be in the ground, public, and operational before an application can be submitted.  

However, ComEd is working to reduce uncertainty of applying post-completion by pre-approving projects ahead of them being built: according to their website, “ComEd will also establish a process in 2024 that will enable pre-approved rebate vouchers for qualified make-ready projects.” 

Eligibility and Application Process 

All Comed customers are eligible for the Make-Ready program.  

The components of the application include: 

  • Completed project documentation (contractor invoice, EV charger spec sheet, receipts, site photos, etc.).  
  • Serial numbers of the installed chargers.  
  • Proof that the chargers are up, reliable, and open to the public 24/7 — this looks like adding the chargers to a charger map, such as PlugShare

Applications are due within 90 days of project completion and you can access the application here. Remember, funds are limited — as soon as the program runs out of money, rebates will stop.  

Steps to Get Started 

Chargermate is here and happy to help Chicagoland businesses navigate charger installation. We offer two plans: a basic out-of-network Chargermate install and maintenance plan, and one that installs in-network (Chargermate-owned) chargers at low or no cost to the business. 

We can help you to assess your business needs and site suitability, answering questions such as:  

  • What is the most suitable part of my property for chargers? Is it visible to the street? How will people know there are chargers available? 
  • How long do customers typically spend at my business/surrounding business? Would it be convenient for customers to stop by for an hour while their car charges?  
  • How many chargers should I install? What charger technology  is best suited to our company ?  

Next, you need a pre-qualified contractor to come and do the work. Finding one that understands the ins and outs of the rebate program can be tricky. Luckily,  you have to look no further than Chargermate. 

If you’re interested in getting started on your EV charger journey today, or further discussing the Make-ready rebate and other financing options, please contact our team

Written by Katie Cummins

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